What is a waiver?

According to vocabulary.com:

A waiver is a formal statement giving up a right. If you go on a school trip, your mom might sign a waiver saying that the school is not responsible if you get hurt on the trip.

Similarly, a waiver at a trampoline park means you will not hold the trampoline park liable if you get hurt during your visit at the trampoline park.

Do I need to sign a waiver?

Each participator must sign a waiver in order to use our trampoline park, although spectators are not required to sign a waiver. If you are under 16 years old, your legal guardians must sign a waiver for you.

Air Factory will ensure the safety of our equipments and environment, however we require all participators to be careful and avoid any activity that endangers yourself or other participators.

How to sign a waiver?

You can sign a waiver online or at the reception of our trampoline park. If you book your tickets online, please complete your waiver by going into your account or using the Multi Waiver if you can’t sign in your account for any reason. This is the best way to complete your waiver, as it is linked directly to your booking.

Easiest way to sign a waiver

Log in your account, and you will find your upcoming booking. If your booking is green, you are good to go. If your booking is red or amber, click at the View button next to it and complete waivers by entering jumper details.

Air Factory upcoming bookings screenshot

Air Factory upcoming bookings screenshot

Sign waiver in My account

Can’t log in? Try the multi waiver

Having problem signing in your account and need a waiver done quickly? No problem, you can complete your waiver using the our online multi waiver function. You don’t need to sign in your account, all you need are the surname (of the person who made the booking) and booking reference number.

air factory multi waiver screenshot

Air Factory Multi Waiver Screenshot

Sign waiver without My Account

Alternative ways to sign a waiver

Alternatively, if you can’t sign your waiver in your account, you can sign a waiver without a booking. This method should only be used when the first method fails. By completing your waiver this way, your waiver will not be linked to your booking. We will need to ask for your name to check your waiver at the reception when you come if you do it this way.

If you arrive at our park without signing a waiver, we will ask you to sign it at the waiver stations available on site. It is advised to sign your waiver online before your arrival to save your time.

You can also sign a printed version of our waiver. It can be downloaded printed at home or obtained at the reception. Please note it is valid for 1 day only.

How long is a waiver valid?

A online waiver is valid for one year from the date you sign it, which means you are required to sign a waiver once a year. Once you sign a online waiver, you are not required to sign another one until it expires.

A paper waiver will valid for 1 day only. You will need to sign it each time you come. That is why we recommend everyone to sign their waivers online.