Trampolining sunset
HISTORY Developed in 1934, trampolines were originally used to train astronauts or were used as a training tool for other sports. They soon became popular in their own right and a sport was born. MAN-MADE The first modern trampoline was built by George Nissen and Larry Griswold around 1934 at […]

Trampoline Trivia!

Come and burn some calories with our aerobic based fitness classes every Monday and Thursday between 7-8pm! The classes are led by professional fitness instructors, who ensure that, regardless of your standard of trampolining, you will benefit greatly from your session.  Burn calories while having fun!! Sessions last for one hour […]

Spring into Spring at Air Factory!

We are delighted to have introduced Toddler Time now at Air Factory, after lots of requests from mums, dads and grandparents and it’s been really well received. Bring your little ‘un down to Air Factory and enjoy a jumping session for just £5 between 11am – 12pm Monday – Friday! […]

Introducing Toddler Time!!

Helpful Tips Concept
If you know how to do a front flip, the backflip is the next logical step. However, it can be very dangerous if you don’t know how to do it correctly. To prevent yourself from getting injured, it’s important to take small steps. First, do a backdrop. Then, move to […]

How to Backflip on a Trampoline

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There is still a month or so yet until we open our doors here at the Air Factory Trampoline Park and we certainly hope that you are looking forward to joining us here at one of the newest and most exciting indoor trampoline parks around. Our enthusiasm for the trampoline […]

A brief history: Part 2

We hope you love trampolining as much as we do here at the Air Factory Trampoline Park. Whether you love a spot of keeping fit, or hanging out with friends, trampolining is something that can appeal to everyone, but what do we actually know about the trampoline? The trampoline As […]

Air Factory – A brief history: Part 1

The perfect birthday treat
Looking for the perfect birthday treat? Why not come and celebrate your big day here with us at your local Air Factory Trampoline Park? Birthdays really are a funny old thing. When you get to a certain age you either love celebrating them or hate it. For some a birthday […]

The perfect birthday treat

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It has just gone midnight and it is now the 1st January 2016. This is of course the precise moment that you make a few promises to yourself. Get a new job, pass your driving test, save up some money, learn a new language, and get yourself in shape! As […]

Exercising with a twist