The Wall

Indoor Trampoline – The Wall

Suitable for anyone over 5 years old

What is The Wall?

Ever fancied giving parkour a try but not found the right place? Well, now you can give this ever growing sport a go and all in the safety of the Air Factory Trampoline Park St Helens. We are your newest and most exciting Indoor Trampoline Park for kids and adults alike. Located in St Helens, not far from Liverpool, you will find a range of great trampolining activities, all under one roof. This of course includes the wall.

Whether you see yourself as an acrobat or wannabe free runner, this activity is the one for you. Parkour involves moving rapidly through a course of obstacles, typically set in an urban environment, although it is quite a popular sport it isn’t without its risks, luckily for those who want to try it out, our trampoline park offers a safe environment in which to do so.

The Wall, Trampolining with a difference

Wall running is a new art form originating from Free Running and the Cirque De Soleil. It takes a few trips to master it, but believe us, it is a lot easier than it looks! Start and practise on the low level “Wall”, then have a crack at the full size one. The “Wall” steps things up to the next level!

The Wall Safety Rules

    • Standard Park Rules apply
    • Take extra care – trampolines in this area provide superior height & a greater degree of difficulty & risk
    • This area is for advanced jumpers only. Only those with the required skill level should participate
    • Do not attempt to use this area until you have the skills to the required level
    • Jumpers must be over 1.25 metres tall
    • Do not jump until landing zone is clear

Want to try The Wall? Book Now

The Wall is available to all participants who attend The Air Factory Trampoline Park. It is included as part of your admission, so you will not require a separate ticket. Make sure that you book your tickets online now to avoid disappointment.