Slam Dunk

Indoor Trampoline Slam Dunk

Suitable for anyone over 5 years old

What is Slam Dunk?

No exciting indoor trampoline park is complete with a slam dunk section, so come and experience the slam dunk sensation for yourself here at The Air Factory Trampoline Park. Why not test your slam dunk skills in our dedicated basketball section? Use the runway to free jump your way to the hoop and slam dunk your basketball. You may even feel as if you are 7ft tall!

Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk

Trampoline Slam Dunk, Basketball with a difference

The slam dunk section here at The Air Factory Trampoline Park, combines your favourite sport of basketball with your favourite activity of trampolining. It is a great activity that can be enjoyed by everyone. Although we are also a children’s indoor trampoline park, slam dunk is not recommended for participants under 5 years of age.

Slam Dunk Safety Rules

  • Standard Park Rules apply
  • Do not jump until the trampoline is clear
  • No grabbing or hanging off the hoop, backboard or support bars
  • No jumping or dunking from behind the backboard
  • No kicking the balls
  • Stay on your track. Do not cross lanes.
  • Exit the jump area as quickly as possible by the nearest exit point

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Slam dunk is available to all participants who attend The Air Factory Trampoline Park. It is included as part of your admission, so you will not require a separate ticket. Book your tickets online now to reserve your space and avoid disappointment.

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