Battle Beam

Suitable for anyone over 5 years old

Come check out our one of a kind Battle Beam and try to knock your opponent off the beam into a gigantic foam pit! Become a gladiator and battle your friends in the ultimate fitness arena. Test your balance and strength on the battle beam.

Battle Beam

Battle Beam

Game Rules

If you fancy a game with your friends on the battle beam, you can take a look at the following game rules for reference.

Single Game

  • Each game usually has three battles, win two battles to win the game.
  • Knock your opponent off the beam while keeping yourself on the beam to win the battle.
  • If both players fall off the beam during a battle, it is a draw and the battle starts again.

Team Game

  • Each game is a battle of two teams each made up of 3-5 players, knock down the opponent team to win the game.
  • Only one player from each team is allowed to fight on the beam at any time. The remaining “live” players must queue at the end of the beam.
  • When a player is knocked down, the next player of the team goes on to fight. Each player has 1 chance to revive and queue behind his team for each game.

Safety Rules

  • Standard Park Rules apply
  • Only two people at a time on the beam
  • Do not go until foam pit is clear
  • No head shots
  • Keep it friendly & polite
  • Do not throw the pugil sticks
  • Do not jump or dive head first into the foam pit – this can cause injuries to back and neck
  • Only ever jump into the foam pit feet first
  • Land on your feet, back or bottom
  • Do not land on your knees in the pit – this can cause injuries to the back
  • Do not ‘tuck your knees up’ or ‘curl up’ as this could cause your knees to hit your face when landing
  • Exit the foam pit as quickly as possible by the nearest exit point
  • Do not bury yourself or others in the pit
  • Do not remove or throw the foam blocks

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Our battle beam is available to all participants who attend The Air Factory Trampoline Park. It is included as part of your admission, so you don’t require a separate ticket. Book your tickets online now to reserve your space and avoid disappointment.

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